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Advocating for Justice, Hope & Dignity

Advocating For Justice, Hope & Dignity

We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to defending and advocating for justice and human rights for refugees entering the US through any of its borders as well as immigrants being held in US detention centers. We also support the complete recovery and rehabilitation of young people who have struggled with drug addiction.

What we envision

We envision people with a peaceful intent of mutual commitment to sealing a bond of unity, hope, justice and human rights with loyalty and friendship while helping each other live a better life with in our communities.


Living in the US as an Immigrant

When they arrive in the US, those who decide to legally apply for any immigration relief are mostly incarcerated in detention centres or jails/ prisons run by ICE and this is where renewed pain and trauma begins from plus institutional racism depending on location within the USA. 

What We Do

Post Recovery Missions

We take young people recovering from drug addiction on a self-sponsored post recovery trip to Uganda-East Africa and place them on hands on projects under our sister organization for a period of between 3months to 1 year or even more with hope that at the end of the program, they will have discovered themselves and renewed or found purpose for their lives.

Meet the Founder

He is a human rights activist and was also a political activist in Uganda. He was detained and tortured by authorities and had relatives killed and severely injured because of his activities which included encouraging Ugandans to vote. He came to the U.S. legally, seeking asylum. He was detained in Texas for more than 2 years, his diabetes went untreated, and he all but lost his eyesight.

Where We Work

We are connected and work with grass-root organizations at the southern Boarder of USA where the need is enormous to identify those who genuinely need support and we do make sure that the individuals have gone through the right channels and fully inspected by the authorities. So our work starts directly with the individual in question right from the time they are introduced to us.

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You can give hope today!

Our efforts to enhance the lives of immigrants in and after detention has made a tremendous impact of the lives of so many and you can be apart of those making it possible. We welcome you to make a contribution in different ways.

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We appreciate your interest in ELOI Ministries and our efforts to address the needs of young people who are struggling with drug addiction and immigrants who are being detained in immigration detention facilities.

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